A report on the project to calculate the density of a regular shaped object using a beam balance

Plutonium is excluded entirely, only U and U may be used. Determine the difference between the apparent mass of the metal cylinder in air and its apparent mass in water from Part II. The unknown object may need to be painted or coated in some way so that its surface does not provide other hints.

Fission explosives depend on a very rapid release of energy. Indirect Volume Measurement To calculate the density of solids with irregular surfaces, volume must be determined by another method.

Center of Mass

On the other hand, if it were possible for insertion to be so fast that full insertion is achieved before accumulating enough multiplication intervals to disassemble the bomb then no predetonation problem would exist. From microchips and robotics to time and space itself, the Makers within the Amateur Radio ranks build and explore new ways to play with the radio spectrum such as bouncing UHF signals off a meteorite trail or sending email without the Internet — just for fun.

The effect of increasing the mass of the system is to modestly reduce leakage and retard disassembly. The term "implosion" is generally synonymous with supersonic assembly. Depending on the source, the effective range is between km and several thousand kilometers. The entire nuclear reaction will be completed before the projectile travels a significant distance.

The penalty for more lenses is more fabrication effort, and a more powerful and complex initiation system not a trivial problem originally, but greatly simplified by modern pulse power technology. This can occur if a violent impact dislodges the projectile, allowing it to travel toward the target.

Since energy lost from the core by thermal radiation cannot contribute to expansion, this has the effect of delaying disassembly. If exponential multiplication begins before maximum reactivity, and insertion is sufficiently fast, there may be significant increases in alpha during the course of the chain reaction.

The ease with which water and other liquids can be poured allows the refinement of this method to collect multiple results and use a graphical method to minimize the effect of any systematic error in the measurements. Schemes of this sort may be used where high efficiency is not called for, and difficult design constraints are involved, such as severe size or mass limitations.

Thermonuclear fusion ups the ante quite a bit. The 32 point systems used in early US nuclear weapons had an external diameter of 1.

Buoyancy and Archimedes Principle

We can provide some approximations for the efficiency equation to make the overall effect of density more apparent. This in turn requires greater accelerations or acceleration distances, further increasing the mass and length of the weapon. Due to the slowness of neutron multiplication in this state it is of no significance in nuclear explosions, although it is important for weapon safety considerations.

Lasers on the other hand do not seem to be a good candidate. These larger assembled masses give significantly more efficient bombs, but also require large amounts of fissile material to achieve them. Natural neutron sources are not cause for concern, but in a combat situation very powerful sources of neutrons may be encountered - other nuclear weapons.

Provide a medium for the exchange of ideas and information among Amateur Radio experimenters, Document advanced technical work in the Amateur Radio field, and Support efforts to advance the state of the Amateur Radio art. Put another way, for a given geometry and degree of reactivity, the size of the system as measured in MFPs, is determined only by the parameter c.

Meanwhile he has been bombarded with offers and people wanting to make a deal for his invention. They still obey the inverse square law, and are not likely to be effective against mass objects such as spacecraft beyond a few kilometers, depending on the yield of the device. John built a special RF generator for the project.

Lasers would benefit from having many emitters, allowing more incoming to be targeted at once, and for kinetics it allows a greater overall rate of fire, important given their inaccuracy.

Plumbatol, a denser and slightly slower explosive, may have been used in some later lens system designs. It also becomes a lot more practical if the main offensive weapon is a missile attack from standoff range, especially if it is one involving tens or hundreds of missiles, and possible submunitions.

This had been tried before with poor results.

Chad Moyer

The weight of the dry sponge measured by us at the sciencesuperschool lab was At some point, the fact that the fission process depletes the fissile material present must have an effect on the progress of the chain reaction.

A critical point to make here is that, whilst they may be able to state with a great deal of confidence that two materials have the same density or notthis does not mean that they are made from the same material. The earliest indications of MVD are outwardly invisible and silent and can only be observed by the ultrasound.

This phase may be terminated by reaching a plateau value, by passing the point of maximum reactivity and beginning to spontaneously deinsert, or by undergoing explosive disassembly.

Calculating tau and alpha from differential cross section measurements, adjusted neutron spectrums, etc. It can be used to distinguish MVD from benign murmurs in ambiguous cases.

Construction. The construction of a Death Star battle station must have been a phenomenal feat of engineering and logistics. A quantity of metal equivalent to the mass of a small moon would have to be mined and refined, and eventually brought together.

Students will calculate density of a regular, measurable solid and the density of an irregular shaped solid (voIume by displacement). Students will again calculate density of regular.

Part a) Calculating the moment of inertia of the wheel. Using Eq. (8), derived in the moment of inertia example, the moment of inertia of the disk is = at 5 digits Therefore, the moment of inertia. a triple-beam balance scale.

a ruler. some graph paper. the knowledge that an intact yardstick is one yard long.

How to calculate density of object?

To start, please fetch a triple-beam balance scale for your group. Choose a single piece of stick and practice using the scale to measure its mass. calculate the volume of your head? What about rock?

The volume of an irregularly shaped object can be found by measuring the amount of water it displaces. One way to do this is to place the object in a known quantity of water and measure the volume of the two combined.

From this new volume, subtract the original volume of the water. Center of Mass The terms "center of mass" and "center of gravity" are used synonymously in a uniform gravity field to represent the unique point in an object or system which can be used to describe the system's response to external forces and torques.

A report on the project to calculate the density of a regular shaped object using a beam balance
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