The benefits of lowering the drinking age in the united states

A wealth of studies since then confirms the lifesaving benefits of 21 as the minimum drinking age. By allowing even a supervised drinking ability for those in this age bracket, it could reduce or eliminate risky drinking behaviors that can lead to bad decisions.

Whatever the reasons may be, a multitude of options are available should colleges choose to institute programs to decrease instances of underage drinking on campus.

More evidence comes from a review of 57 studies by University of Minnesota researchers. Raising it saves lives.

Lowering the Legal Drinking Age: An Analysis of the Pros and Cons

Comes at serious costs. There are multiple ways to die from alcohol: Lower cases of alcohol-related crimes in school Proponents of lowering the legal drinking age from 21 to 18 also point out that many crimes in various colleges and universities across the US are often alcohol-related.

If a child knows that they will be able to do something that they are not supposed to, they will do it. Well, they should be happy now that the rule has been amended, since the law to lower legal drinking age to 18, which was signed by President Obama, has taken effect last June 4, Dolehad serious implications for future laws that incentivize state action.

When the law was raised to 21, alcohol-related deaths for young people decreased; when the drinking age was lowered, deaths increased. Also, there are more young people at the age of 13, in Europe, who are already binge drinking, which is why it is only right that the drinking age is lowered in these places.

Bywhen drunk driving fatality statistics began to decrease, only 14 states still had a 21 only law on the books. Turning 18 would also mean teenagers now have the rights and responsibilities to take care or risk their own life. Proponents of lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18 years of age emphasize various benefits like the following: You may think that those countries do well, but they have a lack of government.

Lowering the drinking age would eliminate thrill drinking. Current scientific data has proven that alcohol, when consumed the in any amount, but especially at levels kids are using today, is damaging to the developing brain cognitively, emotionally, functionally.

It is understandable that the U. Young people are still drinking despite the fact that this behavior is illegal; teens and many adults are ignoring the law.

Should the U.S. lower its drinking age?

More people drinking could create more unsafe environments. Other Countries There is little uniformity in the legal drinking age across the rest of the world. When I was growing up my parents gave me priorities and they were School and homework first, chores, and then play.

But people are divided with this move, with a majority of them saying there are serious consequences whether it is lowered or raised. Is it right to lower the drinking age.

As a result, there was no uniform drinking age, with some states choosing 18, 19, or 20, and some states also putting restrictions on types of beverages that could be purchased such as beer and wine, or limited the right to on-premise sales only, etc.

Women, teen girls binge drink Where the rate of drinking teenagers is concerned, however, MLDA 18 is statistically incorrect. Address the perception and fact. He believes legal limits for drinking should be set by the states, not the federal government.

This can also lower the high rate of non-compliance with MLDA 21, where teenagers tend to get creative, procuring fake IDs and deliberately disrespecting the law. Many people argue with that fact and have tried to prove it wrong a many of times.

Fact Sheets - Age 21 Minimum Legal Drinking Age

The decline was much larger for drivers younger than 21, the group most affected by 21 drinking age laws. Scientists have found more than 25, lives have been effected positively by this law. The reason young people drink now is because the thrill of breaking the law and then once they had the drink they will do it again because its fun and it feels good.

When people have a little too much alcohol, their decision-making skills can be dramatically lowered. A quarter of students are missing classes at least once because of hangovers.

Then they can eventually die from alcohol poisoning. There are pros and cons when MLDA was at 21, it still has pros and cons now that it is at But during the Vietnam War, in consideration of young people in military service, 29 states lowered the legal drinking age.

18 is the age of adulthood in the United States, and adults should have the right to make their own decisions about alcohol consumption. Lowering the drinking age will invite more use of illicit drugs among year olds.

Aug 22,  · But the college presidents got what they wanted: a national debate about the drinking age. When the age was raised to 21 in the mids, the goal was to reduce highway fatalities. Feb 10,  · The United States is one of a handful of countries that uses 21 as the minimum legal drinking age.

Pretty much the rest of the developed world sets the minimum drinking age at The drinking age in the United States (21), adopted inis one of the highest in the world.

Countries that compare in severity are only a few, including Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan.

18 Interesting Pro Lowering the Drinking Age Statistics Should the drinking age be lowered from 21 in the United States? This question is making its rounds and is a legitimate question to ask. 18 is the age of adulthood in the United States, and adults should have the right to make their own decisions about alcohol consumption.

Lowering the drinking age will invite more use of illicit drugs among year olds.

The benefits of lowering the drinking age in the united states
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